Reflect on injustice. Pray with eyes wide open. Act with faith in God’s blessing.

One Voice is a network of Christian organizations, prayer networks, churches, and individuals who believe that prayer is our most powerful intervention – it’s a divine tool to help us seek justice and combat poverty.

Across the world, God has been renewing his call to Christians to remember poor people, to consider and prioritise the last, the least and the lost in some of the world’s most hidden and dark places – spiritually and economically.

We know that our best efforts are inadequate. We need a move of God and he’s called us to pray. Prayer is our most powerful intervention – it’s a divine tool to help us seek justice and combat poverty.

We want to come to our Father God with one voice, carrying the needs of those who are on the outside, people who are considered the lowest. With one voice, seek justice. With one voice, seek mercy. And with one voice, lift up those whose lives are beset by pain.

One Voice isn’t a programme to “sign up to”: it’s a movement to belong to. And those who respond to the call are committed to two things: firstly, practical service and action; and, secondly, to dive into the heart of God and see his Spirit empower all we do.

Already a number of networks are responding to this call like YWAM, Amaharo Africa, Micah Network, Call2All, Alianza Solidaria, Integral Mission, Hope UK and partnering with One Voice to pray for issues of justice and mercy that are on our heart. Click here to find out more about our partners.

If you would like to partner with this growing movement of prayer please click on this link which will take you through to a form to complete on the Tearfund website.

In 2011 Tearfund, a Christian international aid and development agency working globally to end poverty and injustice, and to restore dignity and hope in some of the world’s poorest communities, launched the One Voice Global Poverty Prayer Movement by holding a week of prayer focusing on global poverty.

Now One Voice is a growing network of people praying together to challenge the injustice of global poverty.

Pray with us:

Please commit to pray and ask God to give you a vision of how you could make space to pray. A prayer concert? A night of prayer? A room set aside to pray? Listen to God’s call for you and your church, organisation, or network.

Lord, help us to prepare our hearts, and take practical steps as we get excited about how you will move through One Voice. Gather your people together across the world, Father, and inspire us to pray in unity for your creation. Amen

Contact us: Send an email to onevoice@tearfund.org if you have further enquiries.

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